Rapid Pulse Chicago

Summer is known for the season of fun and activities, that’s why most of festivals, concerts, and art programs has been held from the start of spring season. Usually festivals are famous for many reasons, which includes music, dance, party, food and drinks but some festivals are special and specially organized to provide information and spiritual peace to their audience. Rapid Pulse Chicago is one of them which is famous as international performance art festival.

The history of Rapid Pulse Chicago festival is not very old. First time, it was organized in year 2012 where numerous artists performed in it. Just like any other regular art festival, Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival offer you more than just visual of beautiful art gallery music and stage performance. The best thing about Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival is that, it is not limited to the artists of the Chicago city or USA. The artists around the world come to Rapid Pulse Chicago festival to show their work to the world.

Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival is 10 days long event in where artists show their work and performers perform their script in both indoor and outdoor venues. Each day of Rapid Pulse Chicago festival bring something new to watch and observe to the art lovers.

You should not expect to see the limited type of art in Rapid Plus festivals because artists show you beyond just regular art in the gallery. From light music to thrilling stage performance, photography, amazing crafts, visual art, live art, fine art  and nude art; Rapid Plus Chicago festival is the mixture of all of them.

The Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival is going to happened fifth time in the month of June from 1st June to 5th June 2016 in Chicago at the Defibrillator Gallery. If you are in Chicago or looking for some creative art then make sure to get your tickets on time to be part of this creative and a different type of art festival in Chicago. You can also contact with the organizers if you are artists and want to show your creativity to the world.